Which ReMail service do you wish to use?

  • ReMail   Text
  • $999/month
  • $9999/year
  • Each additional account $1.99
  • SMS
  • ReMail   Voice
  • $999/month
  • $9999/year
  • Each additional account $1.99
  • Text   &   Voice
  • $1199/month
  • $11999/year
  • Each additional account $3.49
Frequently Asked Questions
What is ReMail Text?

When you get a new email you will get a text message with the information of the message, sender, subject, and up to the first 1000 (!) letters of the email, then you can reply with text message more to get the next part of the email, Reply to reply to the email.

What is ReMail voice?

You can call our phone system 212.221.MAIL (6245) to listen to your emails, or recieve a phone call from the system when receiving a new email. depending on your personal settings, you would also reply, forward compose from this system

What is the Text & voice option?

if you choose this option you will get a Text message when receiving a new email, and you would be able to call our phone system 212.221.MAIL (6245) to listen to the email, or to reply, forward etc.